Friday, 17 July 2015

PostGRE SQL: Cisco XCP Message Archiver not starting

Problem: Cisco XCP Message Archiver won't start even if all PostGRE SQL setting in CUPS and the PostGRE SQL DB are correct.

There is a certain order in which you have to reset the services.

1. IM&P Admin: Messaging > Group Chat and Persistent Chat
2. Under Persistent Chat Database Assignment, Unassign the DB
3. Uncheck Enable Persistent Chat

4. IM&P Serviceability: Tools > Control Center-Network Services
    Select Server: IM&P
5. Restart Cisco XCP Router (note: will take some time)
6. IM&P ServiceabilityTools Control Center-Feature Services
       Select Server: IM&P
7. Start Cisco XCP Text Conference Manager
8. Start Cisco XCP Message Archiver

This should do it and the DB connectivity should come up

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